Alterations: Mental Model (transferring data series / 2009-2014)

ALTERATIONS: MENTAL MODEL (transferring data series / 2009-2014)

The photographs in this series register sudden glitches or gaps in transmission in the unrelenting traffic of media images. They are of television advertisements, news broadcasts, and reality shows during those intervals in which the signal is interrupted and the emitted image breaks up, fragmenting until nearly disintegrating. What remains is a trail of digital information, a wake of drifting fragments and vestiges of images that retain some trace of that which has already precipitously disappeared.

In these photographs, I try to capture and document the digital trail left behind by an image in movement, its ephemeral trajectory from the recognizable to the abstract. From the visual detritus emerge new signifiers that evoke other subjectivities, other discourses, and other more static and contemplative temporalities. On being severed and extracted from their referents, the images are deactivated and emptied of their content and original purpose. In their estrangement, they engender new forms, a new visual syntax created with the intention of disrupting the intended order of representation and the mechanisms of persuasion.

From the very nature of the image I try to create counter-narratives that question the iconographic vocabulary and formulate a critical vision of its uses. Through this series I have developed a practice of personal resistance against perceptual distraction and the vertigo caused by excessive visual stimulation.

Juan Si González, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 2009